Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stumbling, not Springing, Forward

Another sluggish morning. I could barely get my ides open.

I'm amazed how much I tell time by the light. Even looking at the clock, my mind overrides what I see there, going instead by the darkness outside to fool me into thinking I have more time to get up and get going.

Having early-summer length evenings when the day length isn't even 12 hours yet further disorients me. The weather over the past couple of days hasn't helped. It felt like May yesterday. March returns tomorrow, with some forecasts calling for a foot of snow.

In New England, you're not through with winter until winter is through with you. However, if winter is too busy elsewhere, or just not feeling up to par, you may have to get along with just a touch of wet sleet and endless damp chilliness.

The weather reminds us we don't really control anything. We can poke, prod, disrupt and destroy natural systems to some extent, but we don't control them, because we can't make them do exactly what we want, whenever we want.

The power of disruption and destruction is really no power at all. Anybody can break something.

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