Saturday, March 24, 2007

Does Bashing Work?

All discourse, particularly political, seems to head straight for the big toy box of pejorative language. Anyone passionate about social changes of all sorts has to demonstrate their depth of commitment by calling the other side as many kinds of an idiot as possible.

Bashing may be emotionally satisfying and delight those who are already converted, but it doesn't change any minds among the opposition. In short, as an argumentative tactic in the intellectual, productive sense, it is a complete bust.

That being said, I love a good harangue as much as the next true believer. But it's strictly to rally one's own troops and entertain them. When it gets broadcast to the wider world, it simply stiffens the resolve of the opposition. "Call me a (fill in the blank) will you? Well you're a (insert snappy comeback here)!"

Fun stuff, but while slap fights are won and lost, problems remain unsolved.

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