Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin, VPILF

In a very small, informal and completely unsolicited poll at the shop today, all the red-blooded Republican males agreed that Alaska governor Sarah Palin would be the Vice President they'd most like to f*@&.

This surge of partisan loyalty and lustful fantasy greeted me upon my arrival. I stepped carefully past the puddles of drool in front of the computer on the way to my work station. Eventually the panting and snickering subsided.

She's sexy, she's pious and she's ready to lead the nation in case her elderly running mate should somehow be unable to serve. Right?

Friday, August 22, 2008

A Week of Few Words

A nice enough week. Quite pleasant, in fact. Just haven't had a lot to say.

It did strike me funny that supporters of John McCain have been trying to portray Barack Obama as an angry radical Muslim thinly plastered with a facade of westernized democracy. Isn't that what they want to create to declare "victory" in Iraq? I guess we vote for them over there so we don't have to vote for them over here.

They've moved on now to arguing over who is a bigger millionaire.

The weather finally dried out. Salvage logging obscures the tracks of the tornado in many places. We await the eventual arrival of the remains of tropical storm Fay.

The tourists and vacation home crowd begin to drift away toward their home ranges. Soon we'll go from too busy to wondering where our next dollar is coming from. We get a few weeks of summery weather even as day length shrinks and the light slants in from lower angles. Time to knock out a few projects before the real harsh stuff arrives.