Monday, February 03, 2014

February, that long short month

February comes in like a groundhog and goes out like something wet and cold.
On Groundhog Eve we held our annual celebration. We shifted it from Groundhog Day to avoid a big football game that would have curtailed the attendance of some guests. It also seemed more appropriate to celebrate the predictive powers of the celebrated rodent by holding our Second Annual Groundhog Day Jam and Poetry Slam before this year's decision was known.
The dinner ended with the traditional cake.

Guests brought their own culinary contributions. These are groundhog cookies built on Nutter Butters.

The evening was filled with poetry and song. Since this was a larger gathering than we'd ever had, a bunch of new people became aware of the possibilities of satirical groundhog-themed versions of well-known music and poetry. There were also several original compositions.
The party used up not only the last of my roasted coffee but the last bean I had on hand. Fortunately, ten pounds of green pulled in as the old stuff departed. Here is Peru Cafe Succhia and Kenya Githembe.

The fastest way to roast with the equipment I have is on a high-powered stove burner. I'm shaking the beans in a popcorn popper. When they really start to roast there's a lot of smoke. This shop vac arrangement pulls a lot of smoke and blows it out the window. When I'm really on my game the smoke alarms don't go off at all. Today I had a few chirps during each roast, but not bad.

Since shaking the roaster is about all the exercise I get these days, I welcome the activity. Bike commuting season will return. For now I have to get as much benefit as I can from household chores and fidgeting. Being heavily caffeinated certainly helps with the fidgeting.

February will lead to March, an even longer month. The government hath decreed that we shift our daylight pretty early in March, which opens up outdoor possibilities pinched off in the darkest time of winter.  But we're a long way from that.