Monday, March 19, 2007

Judge by Appearances

Someone said on a forum today that judging someone by their speech online is like judging them by their tattoos in real life.

If someone has a tattoo of a flaming sword driven through a baby's skull, or a picture of a graphic and strenuous sex act, or any verbal suggestion of something that perhaps not everyone would enjoy, it's perfectly appropriate to judge them by that.

It's not appropriate to judge them by the fact that they have tattoos at all. It's not appropriate to judge them by art choices that might not be to your taste. But if they cared enough about an image to get it permanently applied to their body, you can safely guess that the concept that inspired it guides their thinking. You can consider it a thought balloon over their head.

If anyone with tattoos does not see it this way, I suggest you think some more. Go ahead. Ink up. I've seen some cool ones. Just remember I read what is written (if I know the language) and I analyze the pictures. Since art is interpreted by the beholder, any time you turn yourself into a canvas or a gallery, you invite the critics.

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