Wednesday, May 24, 2006

News Flash: Beach Sand is Disgusting

A recent study has disclosed that beach sand can contain high levels of harmful bacteria even when the water is clean.

One news report stated, "Of greatest concern is that scientists discovered the highest sand bacteria concentrations at beaches favored by parents with toddlers.

"Mothers take children to sheltered sites because they are protected from high surf and dangerous undercurrents. But ... those conditions may contribute to more bacteria because the still waters do not agitate sand and flush it clean."

Anybody consider how much the little anklebiters are contributing themselves? They may be as cute as little pet monkeys, but toddlers aren't the most hygienic creatures in the world. Pack a passle of them onto a patch of sand for a few weeks and I bet you'll get a bit of cat litter box action along with impersonal sources like urban storm water runoff.

Only further study will tell. For now, just make sure you have a really big towel, or maybe a plastic tarp.

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