Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ma baby, Scoop !

As a reformed English major (she wised up and got a second bachelor's degree in something remotely usable), Laurie leans toward literary talent. With literary talent in such high demand -- get the sarcasm? -- she has been drawn, as so many of us are, into the murky world of journalism.

Hunter Thompson obscenely dismissed journalism as "a haven for ...offs and misfits."

I have been both. And anyone creative falls into the latter category, despite their work ethic.

But I digress.

Having suddenly picked up a couple of gigs with the local paper again, I had a call out to a source for some information. I'd requested an email, but they called the house instead. What does Laurie do? Not only take the call, but ask follow-up questions.

Damn, she's good.

Guess I owe her a cut now.

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