Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Good Morning Revisionism

For two mornings in a row, the Disney Morning News, ABC's plastic-wrapped sugar cereal news show, has reported with chummy chuckles about the brilliant comic duo of George W. Bush and his impersonator, Steve Bridges, at the the White House correspondents' dinner. It was a fine, fun evening of mild high jinks, apparently.

Judging by ABC's coverage, no one named Stephen Colbert delivered any satirical harpoons aimed at the Bush administration and the press corps equally. And yet, by listening carefully to NPR yesterday you might have heard a quick reference and some excerpts. Good luck finding any mention of it on their website, though.

The only follow up has come from blogs like this one and a little dismissive swipe from Fox News.

Colbert's routine was not particularly funny, but it was a bold piece of protest speech inserted into what was meant to be yet another unchallenging media experience for a president who has badly needed to be challenged from the beginning of his administration.

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