Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Economical Foreign Policy

A friend of mine put it well. "Instead of dropping a two million dollar bomb on some mud hut, why don't we just drop the two million dollars? It might make those people happy enough to quit making trouble."

Another idea might be two million dollars worth of manure. It would take out whatever malcontents happened to be under it, and the survivors could use it to build up the topsoil for agriculture. Ha! Talk about targeted aid. They couldn't use it to buy or develop weapons of mass destruction, or to finance a corrupt government elite.

Another non-lethal deterrent weapon would be cat urine. They'll go nuts trying to find exactly where it is and eradicate the smell.

We have options, people. We just aren't using them. Humans are too primitively fixated on damaging each other to establish winners and losers in a dispute.

Cat piss and bullshit: it's the wave of the future.

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