Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nature Notes

I put out these special feeders filled with sugar water to attract hordes of ants, but these pesky little green birds keep showing up.

In other news, the biologist finally confirmed that the little turd I'd been keeping in a plastic bag since early last month is bobcat shit. That's good news on two fronts, because it confirms the presence of the elusive feline and it means I finally got rid of the bagged turd. It belongs to science now.

Later this summer I hope to help with electroshock fish sampling. It sounds sick and sadistic, but it has a better survival rate than net sampling and yields far more specimens. Just don't smart off at the technician holding the probe.

There should be more, but it's too hot and I have too much else to try to get done.

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Lost in the Woods said...

No one could be happier than I to see that turd go . . .