Saturday, March 15, 2008

Massachusetts Driver Maintains Polite Following Distance

That's right! You read correctly! Massachusetts Driver Maintains Polite Following Distance!

Drivers southbound on New Hampshire Route 16 witnessed an almost unheard-of event as a red Mini Cooper with Massachusetts plates stayed many car lengths behind the small station wagon in front of it, all the way from Jackson into downtown North Conway this evening.

The driver of the station wagon reported that he could barely take his eyes off the rear-view mirror, as he realized he was witnessing something he might never see again.

"He maintained a steady speed and a lavish following distance for many miles," the station wagon's driver said. "Even more amazing was that no one pulled out into the gap or passed the Mini to come up and ride my bumper the way they're apparently taught to do in Driver's Ed."

We can only hope that some citizen captured even a portion of this amazing event on video.


Anonymous said...

very funny. I know that can't be real. What have you got a feed from 'the onion'?


cafiend said...

Honestly, it happened. I would have believed a UFO before I believed this. In fact, a string of UFOs with Mass. plates went overhead,tailgating each other while this was occurring.