Saturday, March 15, 2008

The human race will be fine

Skimming through an old National Geographic I came across a statement a Louisiana fisherman made when asked whether he cared that his harvesting large quantities of a certain kind of fish meant that his descendants would never get to see one because the species would be extinct.

"I never seen no dinosaur, either, and it don't bother me."

A statement like that snaps it all into perspective with its practical simplicity. Who cares what we kill off? Tough creatures will survive and people will eat them. So be of good cheer, kids. You, your children and grandchildren, and many generations to come will always be able to eat rats, cockroaches and each other's flesh. There's no way we'll turn the planet into such a filthy pit that rats and roaches die off. If we do, it'll be so foul that we will have gone already. So any way you look at it, there is no problem. All this environmental concern is a load of crap. It's all in your outlook.

Embrace the future! And start working on recipes.

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