Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kona Friday on a Thursday

The local coffee shop always has Kona on Fridays. It's become a bit of a holiday.

Kona is a lighter roast, with a wine-like finish because of its acidity. It's a great coffee to let cool off, especially with a little cream in it. I like it still somewhat on the red side, never milked to pale blandness. As a light roast it is deceptively mild until you realize that it hasn't had the caffeine cooked out of it andyou'rereallyflyingandeverything'sgoing greatthisstuffisgreatyouneed totryithere'sacouplebucksgonextdoorandgetyourselfsome,YEAH!

If you drink enough, you see God. And you talk to him really fast.

Today I walked in to find the pot of Kona on the counter.

"Yes, it's Thursday," said Mandy, current co-owner of the shop. "I'm going to be closed tomorrow. I hoped you'd be in here today."

I promised to return for seconds. When I did, a couple of hours later, she told me she'd ice some and leave it in the fridge for me for tomorrow. I can let myself into the shop and get it.

Friggin' enablers. God, I love her.

Well, gotta go. I see a bright light and I have a lot to say.

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