Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Online Forums

Online forums are great places to spend hours discussing the problems of the world while actually doing nothing about them. They remind me of nothing so much as the rambling conversations of college-educated stoners. Those are great fun for the stoners, and sometimes yield a good insight or two, but characteristically veer off into food and sex on the way from one tangent to another.

If you have time to stay involved in the conversation and affect its course, you obviously have way too much leisure.

Some forums relate to specific disciplines, like a kayaking forum I used to visit when I had time to paddle and the unfounded hope that I might do so with some regularity. That one and the cycling forums I have visited are dominated by the most single-minded participants.

One has to wonder how the most prolific posters to the special interest forums have time to pursue the interest, since they seem to be at their computer at almost any hour of any day.

Well, enough of my specious drivel. I have to finish cooking supper.

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