Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back on the Blade

Just on the Internet alone there are vast numbers of quick thinkers pushing the cutting edge of discovery and analysis rapidly ahead on a curving front.

An edge is no good without a blade behind it, unless the cutting device is supported by immense energy and is only a molecule thick. But where does that leave those of us who fall behind it? There is no broad wedge of steel to hold us up, only a tubulent mass of particles swirling along behind the sweeping edge.

The curve changes shape through the effects of so many and varied forces that no one has yet figured out how to account for them all. So at any moment a trailing particle might suddenly be caught up again in that leading slice. Or it could dangle back there and eventually drop out into the void.

People who desperately chase the cutting edge of human thought and progress might have slightly better odds of actually remaining on it, but it's a hard ride. You're doing well if you can just convince enough people you're on it to impress them and squeeze a little momentary prestige and income out of it. The income may be monetary or psychic. Try to find a safe place to carry it as we all keep moving on.

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