Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bob! You're Busted!

Remember Bob the Bug? Bobs are these ugly stink bugs we find all winter because they squeeze into our house to escape the cold weather. Formerly a mystery, they now have an official name, the Western Conifer Seed Bug, thanks to Sheila Jones of Effingham Falls, who saw an item about them in Laurie's Effingham column in the Carroll County Independent.

The Western Conifer Seed Bug (Leptoglossus Occidentalis) has been working its way north. Sheila noticed them about five years ago, around the same time we did. There's nothing new to report, except that they are apparently immune to pesticides. That's okay, I wasn't going to use any. The cats occasionally beat one up, and many others find their blissful end in a ceiling light or a floor lamp. It makes bulb changing a bit gross, but I'm just as glad they have somewhere to go.

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