Monday, May 19, 2008

In Other News

Grey squirrels have taken a liking to the hummingbird feeder on a decorative pole in the small garden around the well head. We took down the seed feeder because wild turkeys were decimating the plantings, scuffling for fallen seeds. It didn't matter with four feet of snow on the ground, but now they can rip up the earth.

The plastic parts of the hummingbird feeders have deteriorated badly from exposure to ultraviolet over the years. The base got banged up badly enough when a bear took the first seed feeder a week ago. The pole was bent, so it must have swayed wildly as the hungry bruin yanked down the handy snack we'd carelessly left hanging there. The squirrels continued the vandalism. The joke's on them when they all get cavities. We should throw out some sweetened fluoride mouthwash for them.

I removed the temptation for now. It needs repair or replacement before I put anything back out. Maybe the squirrels will have moved on, since both seeds and sweets have gone away.

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