Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More of a Letdown than Christmas

Well, that's it. The New Hampshire Primary is over for me. After all the buildup it comes down to a fraction of a second in a voting booth with a pencil. I had to go through more of a process to get this year's dump sticker than I did to cast my ballot for someone who could end up leading the nation.

As an undeclared (excuse me -- Undeclared) voter, I get to choose which party's ballot I take for the primary. The selection registers me for the moment in that party. Afterwards I have to go to another station to undeclare myself again. But by preserving my unaffiliated status, I make both parties kiss my keister. That seems fair and balanced.

Someone on the radio mentioned that it's getting harder to distinguish between the parties by their positions on the issues or even the issues they choose to address. This is not a sign of decay in the moral fiber of each faction. It is a sign that even politicians have to acknowledge that human problems are human problems that affect all people regardless of party loyalty. In natural evolution, large groups will break down into smaller and smaller groups until we reach the true foundation, which is all individual humans in no group. Putting it that way sounds more reassuring to the paranoids who fear all humans being forced into one group. But a population of cooperative, not coerced, individuals, making decisions in the best interests of their mutual survival, is functioning as one tribe, at last.

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