Thursday, December 20, 2007

Slick Willie in Mittboro

Former President Bill Clinton will be in Wolfeboro today, campaigning for his wife, whose name is Hillary, in case you've just emerged from a coma recently.

Wolfeboro is the site of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's summer palace. Back when he was just the arrogant governor of Taxachusetts, the locals couldn't bitch enough, but now that he might put their burg on the map by becoming President of the United States, he's become some sort of home-town boy. There are plenty of signs from all candidates around Wolfe City, but Mitt's appeal as a tourist attraction and source of bragging rights has given him a solid jump in the polls.

Presidential candidates have tended to brush by Wolfeboro in the past. George W. Bush breezed through in 2000, but blew us off in 2004, giving us a token visit from his surrogate, former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card just a few days before the voting in November that year. I suppose not much was at stake when New Hampshire seemed like a granite block of Republicanism. So we can thank George W. Bush for making other options look attractive. Let's at least have the discussion.

Still, it strikes me as interesting that a candidate would single out Wolfeboro as a source of significant votes or financial support. I know the money's there, I just can't imagine too many people in that bastion of corporate and inherited wealth handing any of it over to those "tax and spend, populist rabble rousers."

I wish I could be there when the earth splits and the flames issue forth, as the forces of liberalism and conservatism gather in the skies to smite each other with their bright swords. Make up your own mind which side is good or evil. Personally, I like that rascal Bill. Maybe you can't trust him with your girlfriend, but at least he's not arrogant.

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