Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Next President of the United States

A man I know who is both a Republican and a fatalist said, "Pretty soon we're going to have a woman President telling us all what to do."

"It's still a horse race," I assured him. "Nothing is certain. All Hillary has to do is make one misstep and all the Clinton stigma will fall on her. And the Democratic party would go down with her. Congress would turn back the other way. It's still a race."

The more prominent the office, the less the person in it can actually get done, with all the problems of image. If you look like political poison, no one will deal with you. So you can't even do something idealistic as a political martyr, because no one who wants to stay in the game will want to be associated with it.

I just hope whoever gets elected isn't too annoying, although I'm planning on ignoring them anyway. There's plenty to do at local levels, and a lot of leadership through other channels. Government follows trends, it doesn't set them.

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