Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Security Suggestions

The Disney Morning News had a segment giving suggestions to enhance security for people, particularly women, in mall parking lots. These included not blocking your hearing with music devices or cell phones. But no one suggested having the cell phone in hand for an instant call out or simply that you could tell whoever you were talking to that you were being attacked.

They also recommended that women carry their purses under their arm so it wouldn't dangle invitingly. "This could prolong a confrontation," they added, so the potential victim would have to decide how long to try to defend their property. One idea was to remove important items like car keys.

This led me to the idea of the Purse Grenade. In a potentially dicey situation, have the purse set up with an explosive device inside. The size of the charge would be tailored to the situation. It could be as mild as smoke and a bang to startle the attacker or more powerful, actually to cause damage.

Yes it's illegal, and yes, I customarily do not advocate violence. But I also can't stand people who initiate violence and inflict it on people they believe cannot fight back. So this suggestion is somewhat tongue-in-cheek as well as bomb-in-purse. But doesn't it have its appeal?

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