Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back in the !@#$%^&* Real World

Hard to believe cartoon camp was just a week ago. I took Monday and Tuesday off as usual at the beginning of this week, because I knew I had a hard travel schedule coming up next weekend. During that time I did a little tidying in my studio and a lot of doodling, but then I was back at work in the accelerating panic that leads up to the local triathlon. The Mount Washington Hill Climb and a half-iron-man triathlon also fall on that weekend. I would never plan to take it off, but a family member scheduled a signficant personal event in a distant location.

Wolfeboro is like Walt Disney World without all the pesky rules. We who work there give each other knowing nods as we meet in the coffee shop, the grocery store or on the street. We thread quickly through the tourist crowds, laying down exact change for our coffee or lunch whenever possible. Get in, get out, get back to work. No need to stand in line if you know the system. It isn't quite as good as a set of underground tunnels, but it's better than nothing.

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