Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Well that's enough shouting into a burlap sack for one day.

We're really just here to try to find something useful to do while we wait to see what form of death will claim us.

Have a nice day!!

Is it just me, or is it dark in here?

Nothing really matters. It only matters to you. And who are you? The human condition is a human problem. No humans, no problem.

Anaesthetize yourself with possessions and sensations. Good for you. Increase dosage as needed for the relief of awareness. If your life is good, you have increased the overall goodness coefficient of all humanity. One fabulously well-off person raises everybody's average, even that of the guy starving to death at the gates of the compound. If that wall weren't there, the poor bastard would have nothing to lean against. He'd be lying on the ground. So there.

Don't tax the rich. I might be one some day, and I'll want all the coin I can keep to make up for the years of deprivation getting there. That and to pay for my prescription drugs.

Shouting into the sack again. Be a pal and pour some ether on the outside of it, would you? I'll be better after a nap.

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OOhhhhhhhhhhhh : (