Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The busy schedule conspiracy

While I deride ridiculous conspiracy theories, I don't say there aren't conspiracies. They're just drab and temporary, for obvious motives, or they're widespread social manipulations for equally obvious motives.

By praising busy people and holding them up as examples of how we all should live, the social manipulators make sure that people try to be so constantly engaged in pursuits of advancement and acquisition that they never have time to think.

Thinkers connect the dots, see the trends, and voice the alarm that usually goes unheard beneath the clatter of industrious scurrying.

Thinkers move too slowly for the needs of industry. Inventiveness is good. Cunning legal minds come in handy. But free-range observers of society are just sand in the gears.

Everyone falls under the spell of the cult of busyness. I know how absorbing a beloved project or activity can be. That's why it's important to pick your head up once in a while, even if you're in a thoroughly satisfying track, to look around and think about how it all fits together.

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