Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pretty Things on the Table

As if the arrangement of yard-grown plants wasn't enough, Tylo, the Spot-Eyed Green Mountain Yard Panther added herself to the display.

The tall cylindrical metal object on the left is the grooviest pepper grinder ever. The cellist spotted the name Vic Firth on the package of this intriguing-looking device next to the pepper bunnies. The ears keep breaking on our pepper bunnies.

Vic Firth branched out from drumsticks to a wide variety of products including items for the gourmet kitchen.

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greatpumpkin said...

I'd like a pepper grinder that can be used one-handed. Having limited use of one hand for a while, I've had to forgo grinding pepper until I get better. I wouldn't mind a yard panther either--I can operate those one-handed too. Now, has anyone made a non-electric can opener that doesn't require two strong arms to operate?