Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thoughts on the News

First, why couldn't Mr. Madoff's name be Howie instead of Bernie? Howie Madoff with all that money is anyone's guess. We're told it was a lapse in security by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Speaking of security lapses, where was George Bush's security detail when the shoes started flying? Why didn't we see a Secret Service agent diving across yelling, "Shoe! Shoe!" and taking a brogan to the noggin for POTUS?

To his credit, Georgie did a fine job of dodgin' for himself. I'd bet it wasn't the first time someone had shied something at his head for being an idiot.

Friends of mine have said they'd love to have done the same thing to him. I can't imagine anything satisfying about doing or saying anything to him. I look forward to ignoring him completely once he's no longer in office. We probably can't punish him for anything, so let's just get on with cleaning up after him and deny him the privilege of any more of our attention.

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