Monday, October 27, 2008

A Party Reflects its People

Around here, Republicans seem far more likely than Democrats to resort to petty, vindictive bullshit. They steal or smash campaign signs for Democratic candidates far more often than their own banners are despoiled.

The relentless theft of Obama signs inspired one voter to make one of her own.

In 2004, the vandalistic Republican element put nails in some Democrats' driveways before a candidate rally in town. This was in addition to relentless sign theft and destruction. Then there's that whole phone-jamming thing from 2002.

Ah well. Our Founding Fathers decided that government by argument was the best way. People argue in the style they find comfortable. For some it's finely honed rhetoric. For others it's a brick through a windshield.

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boo said...

Oh man. Stealing the signs is going on here too. But some of them are being stolen and replaced in other yards because they are so hard to come by. They campaign head quarters in are area has been out of them for weeks and tells us to go to the website to get them. So people have and some have been making their own.

Some people are collecting them too. I have a kid whose parents ordered several and have one framed now.

But I get what you're saying.

Why is it that no hooligans have been arrested plotting to kill McCain or Palin? Hmmmm. Maybe because Obama and Biden haven't promoted that behavior.

It is almost over.