Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Such Versatility

Republican VP pick Sarah Palin serves as both Woman of Steel and Damsel in Distress as political need dictates. She'll be able to defend our country as long as her strong, male, party colleagues can defend her honor against remotely plausible hints of insult.

If the only difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom is lipstick, I guess you turn a pit bull into a hockey mom by the application of that cosmetic. By inverse reasoning, remove the lipstick from a hockey mom and you have a dog.

And while we're talking about lipstick on animals (No, Cletus, it's JUST WRONG!), what do y'all think about animal testing of cosmetic products?

How about a sheep in a bustier and a thong?


Vladimir HockTwo-E said...

I think Palin was pimped-out by the McCain people in order to give McCain the image of a really, really old guy with sexual prowess. Everyone knows McCain is a geezer with very little upper arm flexibility, but with the pig-- I mean the sexually charged soccer mom at his side.....I am too tired to continue on this rant.

burp said...

what if you put the lipstick on the pit bulls anus ?

cafiend said...

Studies have shown that causes severe inflammation of the pit bull's tender nether regions. It will get you charged with animal cruelty.