Friday, April 25, 2008

Damn,this place needs cheering up!

Hucking clutter feels great. In that vein, we here at Scavengewood have begun to wad up and discard accumulated stuff.

It's generally better to stay light on your feet. The house just feels better with less stuff in it, as long as the stuff that remains meets our needs. I don't believe in throwing out any item you haven't used in a year, because that arbitrary method can eliminate items unexpectedly unused because an activity has been interrupted, not discontinued. But surplus clothing and half-dead appliances can certainly go. You have a good idea when you've really left something behind.

My old standard used to be "one layer." If all your stuff can't be stored in one layer, you either need more efficient storage facilities or less stuff. When another active adult moved in, we had to accept two layers in places, but the goal is always to get it down to the thinnest pile possible.

Expert yard sellers and flea marketers seem to turn their crap into gold. I haven't developed the knack. I'm mostly concerned with getting it OUT OF HERE than with generating income from it. We might try selling some, though. It's just pretty thoroughly chewed before we let it go.

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3ridesIn3days said...

Less really is more. I have a really large head and I have found less clutter feels better.