Sunday, November 18, 2007

Low-Guilt Lighting

We've been slowly replacing most of our light bulbs with "soft-serve" fluorescents. You know, the little swirly ones. In the process, we found some outdoor ones that have a glass capsule that looks like a regular outdoor flood. We put one in the the light beside the basement door, shining on the woodshed and driveway.

Especially on a cold night, you have to make an appointment to have light. In other words, turn the light on several minutes before you plan to go out. But when it reaches full power, it throws much more light than the incandescent bulb we had before. I doubt if it saves much energy for us when we're at home, because we'll leave it on all evening, to illuminate our trips out for firewood. It will definitely save money when we have to turn the light on early in the day and leave it on so we have light when we come home from work in the dark.

Our electric company offers a cheap deal through an online program, so we're waiting for a big box of bulbs for inside fixtures. Kind of a funny thing to get excited about, but it's like collecting anything. More! More!

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