Monday, August 06, 2007

A Little Scrap of the Big News

"NH Lake Resort Draws Glitterati" says the San Jose Mercury News. The article is a rehash of the standard wire piece that has been going around for a few days now, with some updating.

I have yet to see any glitterati. Mind you I don't get out much. I enter and leave the town by the servants' entrance. The northwest quadrant cuts the perfect angle away from the village, avoiding all possible sites of interest to any of the beautiful and exciting people. Coming in I do ride up Main Street, but who's around at 9 in the morning? On the way out I'm safe in obscurity once I get past Wolfetrap. Drew Barrymore supposedly drank there at least once.

Either Tim Daly or Steven Weber used the bathroom at the deli behind our shop. Our informant could only say "it was one of the brothers from 'Wings.'" Glittery.

Since the town has supposedly attracted famous people for decades -- centuries, if you count John Wentworth -- you can be sure they have had all the glitterizing effect they're going to by now. I suppose there have been some ill-behaved photographers around the lakeside cottage the Sarkozy family has rented, but we have yet to see any spectacular motorcycle chases as the paparazzi pursue limousines full of fleeing celebs. Monaco we ain't.

I'd like to see any of these illustrious folk try to entertain themselves around here in early November or mid-April. Frankly I don't know how they manage it now. But somehow they do. The shoreline sports enough mansions of the fabulously wealthy that they can just hop fences and make new friends without ever appearing before the prying eyes of the curious yokels.

Prominence, particularly political prominence, requires certain sacrifices. The first of these is the ability to wander freely on foot or bicycle wherever fancy takes you. The rest of us may be turned aside from a few gated communities, but we are also not trapped within them.

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