Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Political Divide

Just when I thought how nicely we were all getting along at work, someone got a bee in their bonnet because I said I didn't think much of Mitt Romney. Since this person seems to like Mitt, they went immediately into the Bush administration stance that if you're not with them you're against them. In this philosophy, intellectual inquiry and political dissent are unpatriotic and contemptible. You're either laughable or despicable, but either way you're wrong.

This all may stem from the belief some local businesspeople have, that a Romney presidency will increase tourist traffic and business revenues in town, because of his lakefront second home. Or is it his third, fourth or fifth? Anyway, not his principal residence, and even less so if he wins the White House.

I can't wait to see how these eager profiteers react when the whole town is locked down for some terror alert, and there are anti-aircraft batteries dug in at numerous strategic points.

The anti-aircraft batteries would be cool. Whose house would they drop the bogey on? It wouldn't be Mitt's.

The fun of all that would not be worth having Romney in charge. After all, what do Mitt Romney and Barbie's left breast have in common?

They're both plastic boobs.

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greatpumpkin said...

Q. What to political elections and beauty pageants have in common?

A. Lots of boobs on display to attract votes.