Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Day 5 is Day 8

After three days, fish and vacationers both start to stink. It's been five days. You figure it out.

Actually, today wasn't bad. Mid-week brought a lull. We actually managed to get out of the shop at our scheduled quitting time for the first time since Friday.

Driving to work yesterday I got to the end of one section of road and realized I had no memory of how I'd gotten there. Two or three miles had simply vanished.

This is how it goes. By Thursday you realize you're sitting on the toilet, halfway through whatever you set out to do, and you haven't dropped your trousers yet.

And another weekend lies ahead.

The snow is good. People seem to be enjoying themselves. Even the numbness of my brain is curiously enjoyable, but not narcotic or habit-forming.

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