Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hell Brainstorm

I've figured out how to make Hell work. So I guess the game is back on.

We accumulate many projects or other notions we would like to pursue if only we had time. So there you are with all eternity and no time limits. Hell is a blank, empty place where you can't do anything.

Aren't you glad I'm not in charge? A pit of fire at least gives you something to do.

I must have been too tired last night, or too stupefied with residual boredom from the slow day at work, to think of this obvious, simple and energy efficient approach to eternal damnation.

This Hell sounds a lot like my average work day. It's probably the same for most people. As my father was fond of saying, "no work, no eat," but that doesn't mean you find something fulfilling at which to work.

After a lifetime of deferred gratification, maybe the eternally boring Hell will seem like more of the same. Sure there's no end in sight. So what has changed? In a way, guaranteed lack of prospects would be a relief.

Hope is Hell. The reward dangles just out of reach. Hell has to be eternal longing with just enough chance of success to keep it gnawing at you.

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