Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Standard Time

November. Five p.m. and it's darker than a colonoscopy in a power failure out there. This time of year I wonder how it is for people in Alaska, or any other place where the daylight can be all or nothing.

Thanks to Time Warner Cable, I can't even play on the internet at home. Since they took over from bankrupt Adelphia, we have had multiple outages every day. After the last one, the TV came back, but the internet connection didn't. They might get a sevice technician out there next Tuesday. I'm paying how much for this?

So, unless we get lucky and someone drops by sooner, no email, no blogging, except on the fly. If I get a spare moment at work (like now) I can check on things.

I'm unimpressed with the new service, guys. And if my rates go up I'll go back to smoke signals and carrier pigeons.

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