Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Air Quality is Relative

Since the human race lacks the will to reduce the use of fossil fuels and other air pollutants, we must accept that poisonous foulness is being pumped into the atmosphere by the ton. But we don't have to put up with stinky foulness.

It should be easy to find flavoring agents -- that don't even have to be non-toxic -- to make bus exhaust smell like fresh-baked bread, snowmobile and chainsaw smoke smell like pizza, and dumptrucks smell like apple pie right out of the oven. That coal-fired power plant could smell like a fudge shop one day and an Asian restaurant the next. We'd still be sucking in sickening and deadly gases, but with our mouths watering. It would be like olfactory comfort food.

That's right! Don't solve the problem. It's too complicated and expensive. Just mask it! Let it kill us, but pleasantly. The project will create jobs for chemists and engineers, and for technicians to install and maintain it, so it's all good news for the economy. Write to Congress TODAY.

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