Thursday, March 02, 2006

Doughboy with Tachycardia

I haven't even really started it yet, but my political life is wrecking my health.

Forgive me, for I have sinned. It has been four days since my last aerobic exercise. Hell, it's been four days since my last exercise of any kind.

Last night I went to a zoning board meeting. Zoning bored was what I used to do instead of paying attention in school. That helped bring me to my current sorry state. I could console myself that great geniuses like Einstein got mediocre grades,* as long as I did not acknowledge that the great geniuses with lousy grade point averages didn't usually devote their private reading time to the sort of sensational crap I did.

Zoning bored at the meeting meant that I wasn't virtuously pumping iron or fake-skiing on the Nordic Trudge.

Tonight it's a planning board meeting.

They call them town boreds because of the way people's eyes glaze when you try to get them interested in the complex problem of creating a policy that will serve the best interests of the people, if not please them.

Meanwhile, with no chance to get out for recess or phys ed, I've simply been drinking too much coffee. The family fat gene is all too happy to turn minor excesses into a smooth carpet of flab.

* Apparently we also now acknowledge that Einstein did really well in many subjects and they in turn did really well for him.

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