Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What a Riot

The news this morning reported that officials at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire are working on their plans to reduce the risk of rioting after Sunday's Super Bowl.

Sports rioting has become as popular as the spectator sports themselves. Just as Spring Break's debauchery is now flaunted on reality television rather than hidden from parental eyes, so too do sports fans of a similar age celebrate their violent side with fits of destruction when their favored team wins or loses a big contest.

Whether it was a celebratory riot or a tantrum of disappointment doesn't really matter to you if it was your car that was overturned and burned.

People used to riot over worthwhile things, like civil rights, or an unjust war. Now it happens just because an assembled bunch of professionals, most of whom probably don't come from the city they are supposed to represent, won or lost a game.

Why give any group or activity, over which you have absolutely no control, that much power over you?

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Don said...

You mean like the Republican Party?